Indoor Fountains – Add Beauty and Improve Your Health

It’s during the cold winter months in the North that one learns to appreciate even more the benefits of indoor fountains. (We also appreciate how great it would be if we could just pick and move South – but that’s another story.) Most people equate water fountains with Spring and Summer, bringing the relaxing serenity of moving water to the patio or garden. Well that may well be, but there are even more reasons to have those water fountains scattered throughout the house – especially in the winter.

There are so many different ways to bring the serenity of moving water into your home or office. First, there is the stately floor fountain. These can stand four or five feet high. They can be a magnificent piece in a hallway or foyer. This is a piece of art that can substitute for tall plants or can be a center piece surrounded by plantings in a open area. Typically the floor fountain is made of slate, glass, copper or rock and provides a very dramatic effect with water rippling down the full length in a wide shimmering sheet. Of course there are many other designs including various tiered arrangements providing spectacular water falls.

Another option is the wall fountain. These can substitute for hanging art or can incorporate a piece of art work as part of the fountain. They can be mounted with various forms of lighting to provide a striking focal point in any room. The wall fountain is particularly well suited for a bedroom, den or office.

A third option is the simple tabletop fountain. These are small delicate water features that are at home on end tables, desks or bookshelves. They come in an almost limitless number of designs and can incorporate some vary unique arrangements from the simple to the intricate.

With all of these come many health benefits. Certainly they provide a calming atmosphere that helps reduce stress and anxiety. They will also add humidity to dry indoor air in the winter. But there are other health benefits that have been attributed to moving water features that are hard to quantify but nevertheless have been experienced by many. This is of course the uplifting feeling you get from an increase in negative ions.

A lot of health benefits are attributed to the presence of negative ions. They are said to be the cause of that great feeling you get when you’re out in the fresh clean air or why it smells so go after a thunderstorm. These negative-ions help increase the flow of oxygen to the brain resulting in more energy and alertness. The same thing happens when you are around a waterfall – lots of negative ions to take in.

Scientifically these negative ions are created in nature when air molecules are broken apart by sunlight, radiation, moving air and water. That’s why you feel so good walking on the beach or under a waterfall. While a lot has to do with just being in these wonderful settings, the air in these environments is known to contain thousands of negative ions. The healthy effect has been documented in a lot of people – so much so that the market for negative ion generators and air purifiers has ballooned.

Why not get your own negative ion generator and at the same time get the enjoyment of a beautiful water feature in your home. You’ll get a lot more pleasure and relaxation from an indoor fountain than sitting around and watching a mechanical device humming in the corner of a room.